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student supports

I try to offer the level of support you are seeking, from one Esoteric Healing class, to a deepening course on a particular topic, to one-on-one support through an individualized  mentoring program.

I welcome our journey together, however long that might be❤️


Deepening Courses

These mini classes
explore certain topics in greater depth and align with my  special interest areas   

To add your name to the class list,  please refer to the contact information below.



Right Relationship from an                       Ageless Wisdom                                     perspective.

*Spiritual Development and                        Growth  with  Children.

*Compassionate Listening and                Seed Thought development 

         in Energy Sessions. 


*Creating, Clarifying  and                          Manifesting Divine Ideas.


Stress-a manifestation of these                   times and how to help.


I am now offering a mentoring program, that is optional, but available to the more serious student. The Esoteric Healing classes are usually spaced three or more months apart, to  allow students the time to practice and gain confidence using the new energy techniques and triangles.


This mentoring program provides one-on-one instruction in between each class. I work with each student's individual needs and interest areas. Some students want to explore how to include this work in their current practices. Others  want to review their energy sessions with me, so they gain confidence in their abilities. Others want to deepen their understanding of the Ancient Wisdom teachings and concepts for the New Age. 

The mentoring fee is $75.00 per session.
Please use the form below to contact me for more information​.


Practice and support meetings

I offer free Practice and Support. meetings to those that have taken at least one Esoteric Healing class.  

We try to meet every two months to practice what we learn in class.. 

We break into dyads so each one receives  an  energy session and offers one as well.

We would love to have you practice with us❤️


Book Study Group

I offer a free book study group that meets twice a month. We choose books that deepen our understanding of the New Age concepts and philosophy. 

We are currently reading a book by Lucille Cedercrans titled "Nature of the  Soul". 

It is believed that Lucille furthered the work by Alice Bailey. 

Her books are more practical and easier to understand. 

You can purchase the book at"www.wisdomim

We would love to have you join us❤️

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