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Hi from Di!


A very general interest in energy drew me to Energy Healing in 2002. I wanted to know more about this hidden dynamics I could sense between people. Little did I know that this vague curiosity would grow into an all encompassing passion that I would enthusiastically pursue for the rest of my life!

As I learned more, I found that I had more questions. These changed from vague curiosities to deeper  and more expansive queries.

I found the answers I was looking for in the Ageless Wisdom metaphysical teachings of Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans and Torkom Saraydarian, included in the Energy Healing curriculum.

I learned that this energy is palpable and could be used to heal myself and others.

I was a special education teacher and successfully used this work with children who struggled with autism, anger management and learning difficulties.

I found that I could be more effective with autistic children, who often struggle to communicate on the physical level, if I linked energetically with them on the emotional, mental or spiritual levels.

I also learned that Energy Healing helped to balance and calm children with emotional problems.

Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Holding Light Against Colorful Background.jpg
Close-up Of Therapist's Hand Performing Reiki Treatment On Young Woman In Spa.jpg
Close-up Of Therapist's Hand Performing Reiki Treatment On Young Woman In Spa.jpg

This work complements not only teaching but other healing modalities like physical therapy, massage and psychological counseling.

Perhaps you have questions just like I did. Possibly these questions reflect a higher knowing that your higher self is suggesting you pursue.

Perhaps you are interested in assessing and treating the whole person, physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your clients or yourself.

It is a pivotal time in history. There is much work to be done and Energy Healing is one path that can help to bring about some needed changes. It begins with questions we answer for ourselves.

In this class we honor where everyone is on their spiritual journey, as we share this path with each other. Energy Healing does not reflect any particular religious philosophy but espouses to the basic truths that are a part of all religions.

I am a member of INEH and NAEH.

This study is my passion and teaching and mentoring students brings me joy.

I would welcome the opportunity to share these teachings and  journey with you.

Di McKeag

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