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Do you think of yourself as ultimately a physical body or do you think of yourself as an energy being?

The answer to that one question impacts everything about your life.


Esoteric Healing explores that question and teaches from the perspective that we are energy beings having an earth experience through our physical form, which  is impacted by our  emotional,  mental and spiritual bodies.

When you look at life from the energy  perspective your whole view on yourself and others and the world changes.


1. Instead of being separate bodies we see ourselves connected as One through energy systems.

Individual  energy beings impact others and are being impacted by others.

As well as  our energy system is  part of larger energy systems that connect us  as one with the world and then the  cosmos.

This view on life is not egocentric but inclusive and necessary to move forward in these challenging times.

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that the keynote for these times is "right relationship". This begins with how we view ourselves. Then this deeper connection and understanding of ourselves colors the way we see others,, our  planet and our  world.


2. Death of the physical form is no longer viewed in the same way either.  We recognize that we have had hundreds and perhaps some have had thousands of physical forms and now we are going home for a while.


3. Also that change is part of life and therefore to oppose change goes against the natural flow of life. We are here to change and grow from personality awareness and expression to soul.


4. We also recognize that sometimes we  learn  through disease and suffering. So  disease and suffering from the higher energetic  perspective is a way for the soul to sometimes  get our attention and therefore  promotes growth.


5. Disease is looked upon as an energy imbalance that can affect the health of the  physical form as well as the  emotional and mental bodies.


6. Perfect  health is the result of  a perfect energy system  and therefore is free of all  blockages from the  physical, emotional and mental bodies.


7. Healing occurs when we release the blockages at the physical, emotional and mental energetic levels.


8. Esoteric Healing heals according to the highest good of the client and recognizes that karma and the soul takes higher precedence. Our prayer is that healing occur according to the soul’s highest good.

This class honors all paths and spiritual perspectives and reviews  Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Madam Blavatsky, Torkom Saraydarian  books  as well as  current authors, like the Dalai Lama, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza.

The class curriculum was developed originally in England to teach Esoteric Healing and the Ageless Wisdom concepts and now is being taught throughout the world through INEH (International Network of Esoteric Healing) and NAEH (National Association of Esoteric Healing).

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​The course helps to develop spiritual awareness and growth through the three legged stool of meditation, study and service


Esoteric Healing synthesizes all that we learn in a way to facilitate a deeper energetic understanding of ourselves and others and offer that understanding to others through energy work.


Esoteric Healing shares the Ageless Wisdom teachings that educate humanity on the way forward.

Additional Classes Offered

June 22

One day class to help loved ones, friends and community relieve fears around death and dying from the Ageless Wisdom perspective as well as ways to offer compassion and support. 



   Sept. 14-15

  •  Soul-dren-Nourishing the enfoldment of the soul's light in children- for parents, grandparents and teachers.Resources: Ageless Wisdom teachings via Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans as well as Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf Schools) and others.


For more information please contact me at:

Class lists are currently being formed so please let me know you are interested and I will add your name to the list.  Course fees due later. 


Esoteric Healing  focuses on  the importance of developing a consistent meditation practice and  we offer and lead meditations for you to include in your practice.

Meditation helps us develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, others and our souls.

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The current curriculum includes four classes, each class builds upon the concepts of the preceding class/classes.

Part 1 focuses on the physical body and the basic or root, sacral and solar plexus centers. Some of the metaphysical topics covered are on the soul, alignment and attunement, and the human energy field.

Part 2 focuses on the emotional and mental bodies and the heart and throat centers. Some of the metaphysical topics are karma, the psychological aspects of each center, integration of the personality and soul development. 

Part 3 focuses on  the ajna center. Some of the  metaphysical topics discuss the cosmic energy field, angelic kingdom, radiatory healing, birth, stages of life, death and dying, esoteric psychology.

Part 4 focuses on the alta,  head center and the nervous system. This course synthesizes the curriculum in a more practical way with discussions on how to be of service to the greater good, recognizing that is different for everyone. By the end of this class we have learned how to assess and treat the entire body through the triangles and techniques of Esoteric Healing. 

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