[Enter your text here.] I am a friend of Di’s and she ask me to tell you how I use energy work in my yoga practice. First of all with yoga being mind, body, and spirit, I can honestly say these last 2 1/2 years were the best growth/understanding I could have given my mind and spirit. If you put the actual healing energy (healing triangles) a side for a moment, the lectures from the ancient wisdom teaching are so powerful. It stretched my thinking beyond measure but felt so right with my soul. I have been on my spiritual path and knew it, but now I actually have a deeper and richer understanding of what that truly means to me. So many concepts and intuitive knowings fell into place for me, it finally just makes sense. I have one advanced class on Monday and after each of my intensive weekends they didn’t want a movement class they wanted a lecture…share what you learned. The classes were probably some of the best ones I ever taught. (of course it is the only one of my classes that is ready for that kind of information but they ate it up!)

  I have always meditated and even went to a temple (Wat) for three days) while my family was in Thailand to deepen my practice. During the courses, I learned new techniques that strengthened my practice and really hit home the importance of meditation in my yoga class. Because of this knowledge I am offering meditation classes and workshops as well as hosting a full moon meditation in my studio for each full moon in 2015.

  As I get deeper into this work I realize that the Ancient Wisdom text is actually Jnana yoga to Raja yoga into Agni yoga depending where you are on your path. I don’t know what type of yoga you teach. I was trained in Hatha with a teacher who began her Esoteric work in 94. She now teaches Esoteric yoga which she made up herself. She has inserted the work into her yoga practice. Being with her for 20 years, Im not sure I can be specific as to how it is different. The concept of form follows thought from Energy Work is engrained in our classes. I know during one specific asana, I ask my students to think about moving there leg before they do it and then ask them to physically move it. Not sure that is the best explanation and if you are interested we can certainly dialogue on specific things at a later date. It is just a part of the way I teach and how i look at yoga and my students. For me the energy work also provided a deeper understanding of the parts of the body and how they work especially the organs, glands, and chakras/centers.  

  I would say one of the most interesting areas that had the biggest impact or growth on my practice is the fine tuning of my sensitivity. I teach chair yoga to senior citizens as well. I started noticing all these aches and pains and thought I was falling apart!!! Then I began to realize that I can feel my clients pain It was crazy. So I started asking does any one hurt here??? Low and behold I was feeling their pain, which is a beautiful gift when you are working with the aging. I can immediately alter the class to keep everyone safe and comfortable. The class in the beginning thought I was crazy and now when we get new students that’s the first thing they tell them. You won’t get hurt here. Dee feels your pain. Just wait she’ll do it to you! In one of my bigger classes we were all done and then I got a really sharp pain in my back. I simply ask who had pain in their back at this moment. One man raised his hand high. As everyone was leaving I gently ask the gentlemen to lay back down and did healing work on his back for 20 minutes. When he got up he was pretty freaked out but said the pain is completely gone. He, on the spot, signed up for another session so I must not have freaked him out too badly!!! Now I just have to be sure I disconnect from my clients at the end of each class. Lets just say I learned that the hard way!!!

These are just a few of the areas that have been impacted by this course work. As I tell all my students, sit with it and see if it feels right. If it does, all I can say is hang on to your hat, you’re in for a great ride!!! 

#2 and more coming!!

I have just finished my two and a half years of study for yoga therapy. I have one more 8 week class to teach and will be certified in October! From there I have now jumped into Ayurveda the sister science of yoga. Don’t know how far I will venture into that but am certified thru the first level. Throughout the study of both I continue to see esoteric healing and ancient wisdom text meshed with yoga and Ayurveda in the Vedic and Upanishad teachings. It makes me smile every time I see it in a slightly different form. 

Yes I do continue to do esoteric healing. I had a client earlier this week for just esoteric healing. For the most part though it is meshed in a more organic way with yoga. Yoga therapy has opened the door to more of the general public as I may be seeing them for physical, mental or emotional issues and then esoteric healing comes into play at some point in the treatment. But for the most part I am really trying to bring in the power of self healing thru meditation/awareness/mindfulness/breath work and movement. 

Recently my path took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I have been doing trauma yoga at Methodist in their intensive outpatient chemical dependency program. Fascinating! I am also working with a nonprofit group that works with domestic violence and sexual abuse in Franklin once again doing trauma yoga. I am currently reading EASTERN BODY WESTERN MIND. It talks about how different trauma effects different energy centers. How you heal the centers is different depending on which center was effected. Fascinating. That seems to be where my practice is moving toward. I also mentioned to the nonprofit I would be fascinated to see how a counseling session would go if I could keep the client balanced and work on their centers during a counseling session. Stay tuned as we may play with that in the future.