This is the fourth in a series of four courses teaching the principles and techniques of Energy Healing. 
It is the only part that  consists of 5 days of instruction.
The new material will broaden and deepen previous material.
In this class we focus on the crown  center and Nervous System,  Vagus Nerve and  Immune system. 
We will discuss Diseases of Disciples and Mystics, 
                       The Links Between the Chakras and the Subtle Bodies, 
                       The Esoteric Aspects of the Senses. 
We work together to identify our own physical, emotional, mental, personality and soul rays.
We learn an energy triangle to help us dissipate  glamours and discuss the right use of energy. 
We discuss the importance of serving  the greater good while recognizing that is different for everyone.

I hope you will join us to celebrate the journey as we share in the SYNTHESIS.

Di  McKeag
Course IV:

DATE: Winter 2022

TIME: 10am to 5pm Pacific Time

LOCATION: on-line

COST: $375.00 

Repeat fee: $100.00)
This is the first in a series of four courses that teach the principles and techniques of Energy Healing, the  Ageless Wisdom concepts via Alice Bailey and others and meditation that supports the energy work. 
Energy Healing involves primarily the treatment of the etheric body, a part of the human energy field. The etheric body is the  “Electrical System” which vitalizes and controls the physical form.
Course I:
Introduction to Energy Healing
Part 1 Course Content
  • Discusses the anatomy of man at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, personality and spiritual.
  • Teaches how to assess and treat the 7 centers that are collecting stations for all of those energetic levels.
  • Introduces all of the centers but focuses on the basic (root), sacral and solar plexus centers and their systems: urinary, skeletal, reproductive and digestive systems. (Heart and Throat Centers  Part 2, Ajna Part 3, Crown or Head Center Part 4)
  • We learn to assess and treat the imbalances in our energy systems and discuss the types of diseases that are created because of the lack of energy to these areas of the body.
  • We discuss the soul from many different perspectives and learn how it impacts our healing process.
  • We discuss Bailey's  perspective that  health represents  perfect energy flow at all levels and through all centers or unobstructed energy flow equals perfect health.
  • The energy work and lectures helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and                                 others. 
  • The energy work can compliment another healing modality, like massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling, teaching and others.

This class will teach from that expanded energetic perspective, via Alice Bailey and others. We will study the human body as the multi-vibrational energetic organism that it is. We will learn about the seven centers (major energy vortices) and the different energies each provide the body; as well as the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the energetic field or aura. 
Physical, emotional and/or mental illness represent areas in the energy field that are blocked or out of harmony with the whole. Healing occurs when you treat the energetic cause not the symptom. Unobstructed energy flow represents perfect health.  
In this class we learn to assess and treat this palpable energetic system of the centers in ourselves and others.

Join us for this next phase of the Energy Healing journey, “The Cosmic Scene."  As the title implies, this section of the material will expand our horizons, moving us from the personal to the transpersonal, from the seen to the unseen, from proximal to distal, and from earth to the cosmos.  We will build on the foundation now deeply imprinted in your being as we add to the practical work.  We will explore new concepts such as Cosmology, “The Plan,” the Spiritual Hierarchy,  Death and Dying and the Use of the Will, while deepening our understanding of Alignment and Attunement, the Seven RaysBirth, Life, Death, and the spiritual significance of the Eyes. 
The center we focus on in Part 3 is the ajna center.
Course III:
A Cosmic Perspective
August 28 and 29. and Sept. 11 and 12.    2021

10am to 5pm Pacific Time



Repeat fee -$100.00 




Background of course material
Diane McKeag offers these courses through the International Network of Energy Healing (formerly known as "International Network of Esoteric Healing"). The courses are based on the Ancient Wisdom Teachings via Alice Bailey and others.

This class  is open to anyone who has completed Level I.  We will review the information from Part I and introduce additional practical and theoretical material.

The Psychological Aspects of the Chakras will be explored as we learn  how our thoughts and emotions and sub-
      conscious affects our health.   DK says 90% of disease is caused by our emotions. 
We will discuss the Science of Meditation, the Science of BreathInitiations, Basic Esotericism and                          the Kundalini energies.
We will introduce The Seven Rays and further explore the Laws of Energy Healing.  
We will deepen our understanding of health and healing through continuing our study of the etheric vehicle and focus on             the heart and throat centers and the circulatory, lymphatic and pulmonary  systems.
Course II:
Integrated Living
 Winter 2022

 9am to 4pm Pacific Time



Repeat fee--$100.00 



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Energy Healing
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Part 1
Date: Fall 2021 on-line

Time: 9am to 4pm Pacific Time

Course fee: $325.

Repeat fee: $100.