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COURSE I: Introduction to Energy Healing         Course Description
Payment Terms

$50.00 Deposit (This amount is subtracted from the total class fee.)
For your convenience you may register and submit your depost online.
You may use my PayPal account or use your credit card.
Or mail check to: Diane McKeag --16275 Cormorant Court---Beaverton--OR --97007

Balance is due during class and may be paid with cash or check, not through pay pal
      Please make checks out to: Diane McKeag

If you need to discuss additional  payment options, please contact Diane:
Phone: (317) 752-2711

Privacy Policy
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ONE  DAY CLASS  - $75.00 (Esoteric Healing students $50.00)
for Oregon

COURSE II: Integrated Living                          Course Description

COURSE III: A Cosmic Perspective                   Course Description
COURSE IV: Synthesis                                   Course Description