What is Energy Healing?

“Yesterday I was clever,
So I wanted to 
save the world.

Today I am 
So I am changing

Rumi (Sufi Poet)
for a wave 
in the ocean,

Is the moment
the wave 
that it is water."

Thick Nhat Hanh 
(buddhist monk)

The class will teach from an expanded perspective, via Alice         Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans  and others. We will study the           human body as the multi-vibrational  organism that it is.

The seven centers collect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies that vitalizes  the human vehicle. Energy blocks devitalize the body and can create disease.  Unobstructed energy flow at all of those levels represents perfect health.

Esoteric  Healing is a complimentary modality that treats the whole person:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Healing occurs when one treats the whole vibratorys system that energizes the human form. 

Energy work is half of the curriculum. The other half consists of lectures from Bailey and Cedercrans and others, that help us understand ourselves, others, humanity and the planet, as energy that is manifesting on earth through physical forms.

We discuss  how  we evolve and heal through lessons  learned  and how that impacts our health, our relationships with others, humanity as a whole and the planet itself.  We are all One.

Part 1 focuses on the physical body, Part 2 introduces the emotional and mental bodies, Part 3 looks at life from the cosmic perspective and Part 4 synthesizes the material in a way that encourages us to determine for ourselves how we are to live in right relationship to ourselves, others and the planet.

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