Energy Healing with Di
​"We are all on a healing journey. We may be healing our bodies, our emotions, our minds, the present or the past. The path we choose is not important; rather it is what we learn along the way. "
~Julia Moses 

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The class will discuss information presented in the Alice Bailey books (1920’s – 1950’s) and Lucille Cedercrans books (1992 -2002) and additional teachings by many others. This class honors all paths and spiritual perspectives. 
The class curriculum was developed originally in England to teach Esoteric Healing and the Ageless Wisdom concepts and now is being taught throughout the world through INEH (International Network of Esoteric Healing) . 
The current curriculum includes four classes, each class builds upon the concepts of the preceding class/classes. 
Part 1 focuses on the physical body and the basic or root, sacral and solar plexus centers.
Part 2 the emotional and mental bodies and the heart and throat centers.
 Part 3 focuses on the cosmic perspective and the ajna center.
Part 4 focuses on the alta and head centers and synthesizes the material in a more practical way with discussions on how to be of service to the greater good, recognizing that is different for everyone. We also at the end of this class have learned how to assess and treat the entire body through the triangles and techniques of Esoteric Healing. 

Course I: "Energy Healing and Soul Therapy"

Date: Oct. 27 & 28, Feb. 9 & 10

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Beaverton, OR

Class Fee: $325.00  Repeat fee $100.00

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